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Award-Winning Film & Immersive Video Production Services

At Howell Studios, We are a team of creative storytellers that have a true love for telling beautiful stories that deliver value  and results by transforming the way people feel rather than think! We always strive to offer the best services which include photographysocial media marketing, advertising, and video production across North America. People Make Choices Based On Emotional Connection First. Executive Thought Comes Second. We Hate To Admit It, But It’s How We Humans Work. At Howell Studios, We Touch The Heart To Move The Mind.

Social Media Marketing and Storytelling

Why Telling Your Story Through Social Media Is So Important?

In a world of memos, business cases, and technical briefs, there’s no shortage of fact-based messaging. But as behavioral economics shows, people mostly make decisions with their subconscious minds—the emotional parts of their brains. Facts don’t sell.


Whether your audience is a patient, a jury, a board of directors, or a segment of your market…

This is why campaigns need to appeal to the emotional “why” of a product and provide the facts to support the feelings that guided the choice. In that order. Our core belief and approach is that the STORY you tell is more important than the product you sell!

And for that, we offer creative storytelling services through social media marketing.

Our Storytelling Process is based on the 4 Pillars of Story: People, Place, Purpose, and Plot. Maximizing each pillar is the key to developing a story that is engaging, felt, remembered, and compels action.






Our Photography

Following our 6 fundamentals of storytelling, we capture every photograph to share a story with awareness and conviction to take action.

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Video Marketing

Award Winning Video Production Services

Howell Studios is listed as one of the

Best Advertising Agencies in Rochester, New York .

Our teams creative expertise is designed to deliver the right message, to the right people you want to reach, at precisely the right moment in time. Howell Studios is an award winning creative marketing consultant agency and video production studio. Specializing in telling inspiring stories through design and filmmaking for businesses within the digital printing, packaging & promotional products industries. Consider us your marketing / creative team with expertise in filmmaking, marketing, and storytelling. Every one loves a great story and what better way to sell your brand then through this powerful marketing method. When it comes to Commercial video production, the track record of Howell Studios’ speaks for itself. You’ve most likely seen our work for a number of products in commercials and episodes televised worldwide. Our work has been seen on HGTV and the Outdoors Channel. Our clients can attest to the care their vision receives in the hands of Howell Studios. We work with each client to understand not only the product but the message behind it. The end result will capture the true essence of the product and speak the needed message directly to your audience.

Brands hire us to increase traffic, awareness, and conversions through creative storytelling.
Every company has a story…..Let us tell yours


The fine art of storytelling. The science of results.
Howell Studios - Video Production and Social Media Marketing Services

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Whether you’re down the street or across an ocean, we’ll go where the story leads us. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email. Our studio line is 855-204-4447, and if you’re not a fan of these fancy contact forms, feel free to write us directly at patrick@howellfilmstudios.com.


We serve Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Tampa FL, Charlotte NC, and nearby areas.