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We bring creative projects to life.

Advertising Agency in New York

Our Mission

At Howell Studios, our mission is to bring creative projects to life through innovative techniques and creative measures.

We make it possible through a concentrated effort on all fronts: state-of-the-art technology, empowering the sharpest minds to work together, and forming relationships with our clients and vendors.

From ideation to implementation, we strive to flawlessly execute our client’s vision and ensure that what we create helps tell their story.

Your Brand is our Passion. At our advertising agency in Rochester NY, our mission is to inspire the good in people through story. Great stories open hearts and minds, and we believe that when people are open, hopeful, and motivated, we have greater potential to do good in the world together. Our hope is to continue to partner with companies who believe this too. We are driven to lead the industry in providing the best possible customer experience and solutions. We will set ourselves apart in our communication with customers, our handling of orders, the quality of our product, the speed and reliability of our deliveries, and the sense of urgency and commitment with which we handle customer issues. We do not want to be seen as a vendor, we want to develop a strong partnership with our clients, providing such essential support functions that we are viewed more as an internal division than an external entity. We are a trusted name as an advertising agency in Rochester, NY. We also provide our services in Buffalo NY, Tampa FL, and Charlotte NC.

Our Value Statement

  • We intend to add value for our customers and exceed their expectations.
  • We act with honesty and integrity.
  • We show respect and consideration for others
  • We encourage and support open and clear communication.
  • We provide our employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • We promote continuous improvement.


When you work at Howell Studios you will be mentored by the best the industry has to offer. Join Our Family of Creatives.
We are currently hiring for: Videographer/ Photographer
Skills Needed:
  • Adobe CC Suite
  • Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro
  • After Effects/Maya
  • Coachable
  • 2+ Years as Photographer/ Video Production
  • A love for traveling
Wedding Photographer Buffalo NY

Patrick Howell

Chief Executive Officer | Founder

Patrick is widely considered one of the top wedding and event cinematographers in the nation. Patrick’s creative vision is what inspires it all. After attending film school in Atlanta, GA. His creative vision is ever evolving.

As the The President of Howell Studios he is tasked with accelerating revenue growth and sales productivity for his clients by telling theirs stories and amplifying their compelling message through their social media channels. He is passionately growing our creative team in Rochester NY who are motivated and passionate about the mission and core values. He is truly honored to work with all our partners and with some of the best business minds in the world, while making sure we are focused on touching peoples hearts and advancing businesses worldwide.

Chief Operating Officer at Advertising Agency Rochester NY

Lindsay Paris

Chief Operating Officer | Partner

With her impressive medical background and 10+ years working as a nurse, Lindsay truly brings a unique dynamic to the HS team. Lindsay’s leadership skills are unparalleled in our industry, not to be topped by her contagious bubbly personality! Her fresh and creative vision is the glue that holds this amazing team together!

Ben Roesch

Director of Marketing & Advertising

Ben has extensive experience in the digital media industry spending time at Kodak as well as in agency settings. He attended college at Syracuse University, where he earned 2 degrees; one in Marketing and another in Finance.

Professional Photographer

Zechariah Shepard

Creative Director

Zack is truly a creative visionary. He attended the infamous CIAS at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he received a Bachelors in Advertising Photography. After school, he started out with just a camera and an idea of how both still and motion pictures can show the art and emotion in life, using stories as a way to inspire people, no matter the event or company. He is always eager to learn more and think of new ideas to create artistic media to tell stories. He also has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world to provide our clients with our breathtaking imagery and is not stopping anytime soon.

With 10+ years of experience in visual arts, social media & content creation, Zack’s approach and keen eye to detail is one of Howell Studios’ most viable assets.

Margaret Howell

Studio Manager

Margaret has countless years of experience in the healthcare and business admin industry. She attended college at Roberts Wesleyan College . She also is the owner of her own heath and wellness agency. Her determination is what motivates us all!

Leonardo Camerucci-Gambacorta

Visual Content Creator 

Graduated from the University at Buffalo with a double major in Media Study Production and Italian. Leo has worked for big brands like WROC Channel 8 News, Bausch & Lomb, Polster & Jaeckle Corp, and the YMCA. He is  always interested in learning new ways to create a compelling story!

Peter Bouche

Website Developer

Specializes in Developing websites that ignite your business. Peter has been designing & developing High-Quality Websites for more than 7+ years. He will Build Engaging, Purposeful, Creative & Mobile Optimized Websites for Businesses.

Our Team In Action