Intergrow Greenhouses

ClientIntergrow Greenhouses
ServicesVideo Production, Photography, Website Creation, Ongoing Content Creation, Social Media Advertising, HS Vault (Digital Asset Management System)

Brand Narrative Film | Content Creation | Testimonial Case Story Campaign | Website Creation

Just south of Lake Ontario in the lush farmlands of Upstate New York, you can find a greenhouse where nature meets know-how in perfect balance. At Intergrow Greenhouses, they take a different approach to how they grow our Cherry Tomatoes, Tomatoes On the Vine and Beefsteak tomatoes. Back when they started in 1998, we brought authentic growing methods and combined them with exacting, state-of-the-art technologies to grow premium quality tomatoes. Our perfectly controlled, closed environment allows us to pick at the peak of ripeness and deliver to our customers within 24 hours. Our 12 month campaign spread across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. We created over 200 different video and picture assets that were used in paid advertisements, product listings, and organic Instagram posts. we also created a new website that told their story more efficiently. Furthermore, Utilizing our organic traffic and engagement, they able to build up a significant customer base, continuing to drive re-sells and up-sells even after the initial investment.