ClientPMG - Piedmont Marine Grade
SkillsVideo Production, Photography, Ongoing Content Creation, HS Vault (Digital Asset Management System)

Testimonial Case Story Campaign | Content Creation

Piedmont Marine Grade® products are manufactured and formulated specifically for the marine environment. PMG® products offer superior performance at competitive prices. These solutions took shape around the needs of the OEM’s and fabricators throughout the marine industry. Ranging from the hardware friendly PMG Ultra to the heat reflecting in PMG HR. They offer many solutions to the boat manufacture and fabricators so their customers can continue to build the best products in the market. In our ongoing campaign that is spread across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube. We created over 1000+ different video and picture assets that were used in advertisements, product listings, and organic posts. Many of the videos have gone viral. Furthermore, Utilizing our organic traffic and engagement, PMG has been able to build up a significant customer base, continuing to drive re-sells and up-sells even after the initial investment.