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Establishing a strong social media presence increases customer engagement, boost your sales, and help establish connections with your clients.

Social Media Marketing

Our services will be topped off with unrivaled customer service and regular progress reports to ensure that your business reaches its full potential on social media.

We take pride in helping our clients develop well-rounded social media brands by getting to know their values, community, and services. Your Social Media Coordinator will help you construct a content-calendar that accurately represents your brand and what you care about. As we post on your page, we monitor and respond to interactions as they occur, while connecting your profiles to other organizations and users in your geographic area who are relevant to your business.

In addition, we plan, create, and execute Facebook ad campaigns to help you reach those who may be interested in your services. This service is built into your social media package. Like our Search Engine Marketing campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns can help increase brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation.

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From Series A to Fortune 500, we're proud to have worked in the fields of Law, Government, Healthcare, Investor Relations, Business Development, Non-Profit Initiatives, Technology, Athletics, Marketing & Communications, Energy, Manufacturing, Human Resources.


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Whether you’re down the street or across an ocean, we’ll go where the story leads us. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email. Our studio line is 855-204-4447, and if you’re not a fan of these fancy contact forms, feel free to write us directly at patrick@howellfilmstudios.com.


We serve Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Tampa FL, Charlotte NC, and nearby areas.